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Zoe McConnell special

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Was just thinking the other day how great a photographer Page 3 girl Zoe McConnell has turned out to be… her bold and vibrant pics leap out of the page of otherwise dull mags like Front, and she has an instantly recognisable style which makes her models look larger-than-life, like 100 foot tall goddesses out of some old Ray Harryhausen epic.  They’re damn saucy too. 

Anyhow, I just happened across a bunch of drawings I did of her one afternoon back in the 90s.  They don’t look much like Ms McConnell it has to be said.  But it gives me an excuse to get them on the site whilst directing you to her portfolio… enjoy:


Hayley’s Secrets

Thursday, May 21st, 2009
About time I sang the praises of Hayley’s Secrets, the paysite for Page 3 star Hayley-Marie Coppin, a favourite UK glamour model of mine for some years and subject of many a Pappy sketch.  Hayley’s a statuesque and full-bodied blonde with a warm personality who has got more beautiful as she has got older.

Hayley’s Secrets is an offshoot of photographer Michael White’s stylish Breathtakers and Girlfolio sites, and features the same distinctive photographic style, with bright, naturally lit pictures in everyday settings (not studio setups), and a fondness for shooting models from below, Russ Meyer-style (although he doesn’t share Meyer’s monomania for women with huge breasts).  The site has been around for a little over a year and has got progressively more risque as time gone on.  Hooray!

White’s sites tend to be relatively stingy on updates (two or three new photo sets a week plus occasional videos) but you can’t argue with the quality.  His empire has recently been expanding, with the launch of St Mackenzie’s, a site for school uniform lovers and Nikki By Day, dedicated to another beautiful UK starlet of the mo, Nikki Friend.  So far they seem to be reading my mind.  Now if they’ll only set up a site for Holly Newberry…