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A very very fine website, featuring several photos of current Page 3 beauties such as Nikkala Stott, Anna Taverner and Michele Marsh every weekday. A huge Archive collects all the pictures added to the site since it launched in 1999. Page 3 Gold collects photos from the pre-web days. The Lodge, a genuinely free 'members only' club, gives you access to special weekly (and usually more risque) photoshoots. All in all it's a great way to avoid ever having to buy the paper! Right now it looks like they're making their money by selling hard copies of photos to website visitors. (If you've tried 3zine, their new online subscription magazine, let me know what it's like). In the meantime there's an amazing wealth of free material here for skinflints like you (and me)!

The Hotstuff Files Sadly R.I.P.!
Great and very frequently updated site featuring large high-quality scans from lads mags.

Nuts girl archive NEW!
Pics from the weekly mag.

Simply Gorgeous
Ambitious, well-presented and useful site which grew out of Classic Page 3 Girls. It's a survey of soft porn in mainstream newspapers, magazines and television. Particularly useful is the regular roundup of the best pictures from lads mags such as Front, Redcar and the like... enabling you to judge whether or not there's enough juicy pics in the damn things to make them worth buying (the answer usually being no). You also get some specially commissioned photoshoots featuring budding amateurs, some of who have gone onto bigger things.

Girl Management
Private Eye's favourite site. Some of the prettiest Page 3 girls (Nikkala, Nicola T, Zoe McConnell) get it together (as business partners I should add).

The Creemcheese files
An attempt to archive all the girls appearing in Paul Raymond mags (Mayfair, etc) from 1971-1990 when the picture quality was somewhat higher than it is today. Lots of Page 3 girls appeared in the altogether in the heyday of this fine mag. Good on 'em all!

Dodger's Pantyhose & Nylons
An great pay-showcase for this amateur photographer who likes women in strange underwear (prefer stockings myself but there you go). The main appeal for me here is the many sets featuring Page 3 girl Melanie Walsh, but you'll also find plenty of ex-porn stars and chirpy newcomers to choose from - and the girls seem to enjoy posing for him, judging by the more genuine-seeming than usual smiles on their faces.

Only Tease NEW!
A staggeringly brilliant sister site to Dodger's Pantyhose. This focuses on stockings, suspenders, all the things that get me hot and bothered. Hundreds of lively sets, many of them featuring Page 3 stars Melanie Walsh, Hayley-Marie Coppin, Carla and Lauren Pope (under the name Kellie).

Mr Mockle's Models in Furs
Free photos of Page 3 models in wooly coats.

Some quite revealing photos of many models, including ex-Page 3 classics such as Kirsten Imrie, Danni Wheeler and current starlets such as Hayley-Marie Coppin (under the name Tereza). A paysite with a good selection of freebee previews.

Ave it
Grotty but great.

Le Sauvage
Classy photo agency, with some Page 3 regulars amongst the models

Megastar Megababes
Enormous picture database featuring the usual Daily Star 'Megabirds' (generally the same bunch who appear on the Sun's Page 3) plus tv personalities, models and anyone else who's famous and willing to get at least some of their kit off. The pictures are bigger than's but of more mixed quality. Currently seems to be updating once a week.

XNet Girls
Unimaginative and often dull photos but great for the wide selection of beautiful girls who have been featured, including Tara, Michelle Clack, Maria Sheriff, Jodie Shaw, Donna Ewin, Jo Guest, Amanda Robbins, Rachel Ter Horst, Sacha and some such as Michaela Searchfield, Alona, Verity Blain and Joanna Cook who I haven't seen elsewhere. Basically you get the photos used to illustrate the now-defunct magazine's articles, plus a bunch of very similar ones.


Ebony's Fanclub
Small site with some tasteful free pics.

Official site with some sample pictures.

Official Holly McGuire site
Official site, with some decent free galleries and members area coming soon.

Lotsa exclusive pics in this official site, with a new gallery every calendar month.
Nothing too exciting though in the free area.

Jamelah Asmar
Official site, with some free, mostly harmless, pics. NEW!
Nascent fansite for the prettiest (and bustiest) of the new crop of Page 3 girls.

Keeley NEW!
Another fansite.

New pictures every month.

Lucy Becker

Lucy Pinder
Official site for 'she who refuses to go topless' (fair enough), with several free galleries.

Unofficial site, with many more picture sets..

Michelle Marsh
Official site, with some exclusive picture sets.

Naomi K
Official site. Anyone been in the members area?

Nell NEW!
Official site

Nell McAndrew tribute
A good fansite with lots of rare pics

Nikkala Heaven NEW!
Fledging site for the lanky beauty - give them lots of encouragement!

Simone Linsell
Official site (forever) under development.

PAGE 3 classics

Yahoo Groups
There's many Page 3 girl Yahoo groups, and these are some of the best: Carole Anne Appreciation Society, Corinne Russell Appreciation Society, NikeClarkUnlimited , SianAdeyJonesUnlimited
, ToniWhiteUnlimited and Star Birds.

Alana's World
Lively snapshots and personal sets from the occasional Page 3 star Alana Hemmings. Members area includes hundreds of stronger pics. Anyone know if it's still being updated these days?

Debbie Boyland - Page 3 Legend

Joanne Guest FAQ
FAQ for the newsgroup with links to pretty much all the Jo (my all-time fave!) websites out there and all the biographical details you could want.

Replaces the Jodie Shaw Shrine which was shut down by The Man. She's the sultriest of the current Page 3 bunch! Check out her nude pics from Playboy newstands specials. This site hasn't been updated in a while.

Kirsten Imrie Scottish Pride
Pictures, info and latest news (there's not much as she's in semi-retirement) about the Scottish star of I Lost A Million.


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